The Great British Home Movie Roadshow, BBC2

Viewpoint Productions has assisted in the production of the new BBC archive series Home Movie Roadshow.

The 5-part series, shown on BBC 2, was produced for the BBC by Diverse Production and is available on BBC iplayer.

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 Picture: David Ellery (R), one of the show's experts, on location at the Museum of Transport, Glasgow


Viewpoint Productions Receives ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY AWARD...



Viewpoint Productions is recipient of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Popular Factual Programme, for the documentary Regal & Retired.

A Panel of 17 judges voted unanimously for the programme, which tells the story of vintage ocean liner RMS Queen Mary.

Presentation was made at the Society's annual awards dinner and received by the programme's Director, David Ellery.

Viewpoint Productions would like to thank all those who took part in the programme on both sides of the Atlantic, the RMS Foundation for their enthusiasm and co-operation, and everyone who worked on the programme.


Key Credits:Narrated by Julie Peasgood, Camera: Rob Hawthorne, Sound: Martin Huntley, Editor: Nick Elborough, Music: Laurence I. Dunsmore, Executive Producers for BBC: Jane French & Claire Lewis, Written, Produced & Directed by David Ellery


Beeching's Tracks (BBC1)


 In 1963 Dr Richard Beeching's infamous report 'The Reshaping of British Railways' was published. It led to miles of track being ripped up, closure of hundreds of stations and thousands of people being thrown out of work across the UK.

Presenter Joe Crowley makes a journey around the south of England to discover the effects of the Beeching Report in the 1960s, and the lasting impact still felt today.

Beeching's Tracks first broadcast on BBC1, is available now on DVD in the Viewpoint Productions on-line shop


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Viewpoint Productions: Programmes for Television


Viewpoint Productions Broadcast TV    

Viewpoint Productions is credited with a significant number of stand-alone documentaries, broadcast in various ountries. as well as several television series'.

These include three series' of In The Past, the popular archive series produced for Meridian Granada and shown on ITV1. Viewpoint has made 30 epidodes each with a particular theme conveying social history and the changing face of Britain over the decades...


From 'Employment' to the Great British Holiday', from the beginnings of family motoring to the demise of the steam era.

Written & Directed by David Ellery. Narrated by Richard Baker and Jonathan Marland.

These programmes have never been released on DVD, but some of the archive footage appears in our Britain Through The Decades DVD and the In The Past Places series, in our On Line Shop


Classic Liners also makes extensive use of archive footage, depicting numerous landmark occasions in  maritime history like the maiden voyage of QE2 and the infamous seamen's' strike of 1966. the series covers the history of individual shipping lines and liners and gives an overview of the last decades of travel by ocean liner as well as a taste of more modern cruise liners.

First broadcast on regional TV in 2002.

 Viewpoint Productions produced Regal & Retired - the Story of RMS Queen Mary, a landmark programme shown on BBC1 and BBC Scotland, marking the anniversary of QM's historic maiden voyage in 1936. The programme was recorded in several key locations associated with the 1930s liner, including Scotland, Long Beach (California), and Southampton. It features 20 exclusive interviews and significant archive content from British Movietonenews and other archives, spanning the ship's long history. Written and Directedby David Ellery. Narrated by Julie Peasgood. Regal & Retired was awarded 'Best Popular Factual Programme' by the Royal Television Society.
 Viewpoint Productions has also made other BBC Programmes like Beeching's Tracks, part of the BBC's Railway Season, contributed to major series' such as Home Movie Roadshow (BBC2) and produces features for the BBC's Inside Out programme.